Sales Force Management System

SFMS (Sales Force Management System)

In recent days mobile phone devices becomes as smarts as computers. Most people’s now a day’s using smart phones. They are already trained. With the power of 3G networks all over the country, it is possible to automate sales orders and delivery systems. In order to make a good marketing, financial, human resource plan for the organization it is very much necessary to have a decision support system (DSS).

If an organization have a system that will manage and control sales and delivery orders through which, management will know sales status at any time, marketing could know which products are slow moving and which are fast moving, what is the future forecast and what to do for the slow moving products instantly. Production or importers do know what is the limit for next any given time. Though sale’s is the main income generating factor, its automation and information helps an organization grow faster.

SFMS is a system where Organizations can automate their total sales order and delivery systems and can get the real benefits of information systems.

SFMS Features

  • Capture Order directly from Shops/Fields
  • Easily Manage Contacts And Customers
  • Save time on administrative processes
  • Accurate forecast of sales
  • Increase Sales productivity
  • SFMS is the solution which can automate the order taking process.
  • This system also reduces paper works.
  • This system reduces extra work for the sales people.
  • Cannot be modified or change information.
  • So the information driven from SFMS system is useful for the organization to make decisions.

Sales Force Management System