Point of Sales (POS)


POS System

Dot POS specialized on POS / point of sale software. Our various industry specific experience and various types of retail customers always improves our products. Our solution grows with customers. Information driven from Dot POS creates opportunities for the organizational leaders. With proven experience and reliability Dot POS software gains trust from its customers. If you are a retailer, our Dot POS will definitely work with you. Dot POS will make your business profitable.

Dot POS is designed as multi branch architecture. So, every business can run as standalone and become sync with its main business, no matter where the branch is located in the world without any dedicated connection.

Dot POS is user friendly. Our long time experience with users makes us to develop an interface which can be operated without mouse intervention. Its short cut keys are useful for smooth software operation.

Dot POS can share its information with any third party with its Web services.

  • Multi Branch Solution
  • Multi Terminal Users Environment
  • Membership Point & Redemption
  • Standard POS Receipt
  • Stock Inventory Control
  • Hot Sales Item Control
  • Discount, VAT, TAX & GST
  • Barcode Generator
  • Automated Barcode Transaction
  • Different Customer Price Discount
  • Multi Store POS
  • Touch Screen Supported
  • Sales Profit Report
  • Integration With PureApp Billing
  • Login Access Rights Controls
  • User Friendly UI
  • Sales Person Monitoring
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Android App Integration

Why Dot POS

  • Customer Retention – Retain more customers through better customer satisfaction.
  • Targeted Advertising – Send ads to customers based on buying habits.
  • Membership Point & Redemption
  • Custom Price Levels – Give discount to frequently visit customer.
  • Inventory Control – Ensure your stock before promise your customer.
  • Stock Inventory Control
  • Inventory Reports – Find old stock to discount for quick sale, reconcile quantities in stock.
  • Hot List – Discover your hottest sellers.
  • Profitability Reports – Find the product most profitable in your inventory.
  • Security – Prevent losses through cash register security features a few are listed.
  • Barcode – Automate transaction with barcode.

Dot POS Features